Sunday, August 31, 2008

A sneak peek at Taong-gubat’s bio tale

Taong-gubat is none more than a simple human being, very similar to others who also grew up under the common sunlight. At 16, she settled for a semi-independent life when she entered college at the University of the Philippines in Mindanao at Davao City. There, taking up a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She is a wanderer herself and an adventure optimist, which is why her feet had ultimately led her to face a realm away from home and her family. Presently, she’s 17 and employing all her might for struggling the tough hurricanes of the premier university. Fortunately, most of her efforts worked out and luck has been generous enough at her side that she was able to endure the forges of calamity and is going strong through extreme pruning in her second year of ‘iska’ life. Pheew.

Back to her earlier days in Palawan, her home province, her friends see her as a diffident but somehow an unpredictable individual. She’s not the one who usually stands on spotlights or walks with a boisterous crowd because of her a bit covered personality. Perhaps the reason behind her non-transparent conventions was her genuine tactfulness through all fits. She observes herself to be considerate enough in dealing with her surroundings. She makes sure to be keen at all times not to cause anguish and detriment to anybody; may they be non-living things, animals, plants, especially to other people. Nevertheless, she does not lack true friends, for she is an unfeigned true friend herself.

Since she kept seriously her indiscriminative concern to all life, she also partakes in humanitarian and environmental services. She is a solid youth volunteer in their Red Cross chapter, an activist of animal rights campaign of PETA, a neo-humanist enthusiast to herself, and a strict vegetarian. Having introduced the tenets of yoga philosophy by her father, she decided to follow and delve into it,, because its domain according to her intuition, encompasses all forms of life, and in fact the whole of the universe, which what she is interested personally.

On the giddy side of her globe, taong-gubat also goes gaga over some looney stuff. She fiercely declares that her life element is chocolate instead of any of fire, water, earth, or air. She’s so in love with any form of cocoa by all odds. She would regularly fix for a diet session because the cocoa substance often draws her out of shape, not to mention her often-financial droughts as a result of uncontrolled craving. But she’s anyway vigilant of the ingredients of the chocolate she’s devouring, making sure that no trace animal suffering was executed for the sake of the satisfaction of her taste buds. Dreamily, she would often wish to acquire a chocolate fever like the one she has read on a children’s book before. She dreams that real chocolate moles would pop out of her skin someday, because that sounds truly terrific and wonderful.

Aside from chocolate, she also has a tongue for anything creamy. She would combine cocoa substances with creamy ones to complete her delicacy criterion. Consuming an 800-gram pack of milk a week is not nearly enough for her appetite of cream. Her idea of a full cream milk powder is not only for drinks, but also a grub to peck itself. Unfortunately, the cost of the merchandise isn’t a wee, that’s why it also imposes a large depreciation on his food allowance most of the time.

Of course the above stated are only a speck dust of who this taong-gubat really is, that’s why the title tells of only a sneak peek. When her summation would be totally uncovered, it wouldn’t be any interesting anymore to spare a thought about her or this blog. Something should be left for the imagination, right?

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