Monday, February 16, 2009

let's try something new

a cubicle grudge

The surrounding air seems like a violent steam heating up my skin.

All of a sudden, the devilish high temperature seeped through the stiffening fibers of my muscles, and then cracked through the hard calcium beneath, and finally through the bone marrows inside.

My nerve impulses had already tensed up a second earlier, mounting the hammering on my stomach up to the spine, and to my brain, which rapped my stiffened jaw into an abrupt chattering.

"Bull shit", I hissed.

Counting in my head, almost a hundred and eighty seconds more had passed. But the inside of the cubicle isn't done yet.

In my thoughts, the furry reached to its climax.

My wildest and maddest imaginations swirled into my head.

I want to kick this cubicle door open, employing all the ravaging strength of my legs to bang it down. After that, I will slug the hateful creature inside, not giving her any second to rebuff and cease me.

Then I saw the blood oozing through her nose, slowly covering her face with a red mask. I heard the dripping of the shower above simultaneously spatting the marble floor with the trickles of blood from her anguished body.

The sweet sensation of my satisfaction little by little extinguished the fire burning inside my chest. For a while, I relished the taste of this gratification and drew on my face a thin smile.

I'm running out of time... I need to hurry; else I would be too late.

Softly, the door opened. The girl came out holding her bathroom things.

I composed my face a pout in front of her, stamped my way inside, and closed the door with a heavy clunk.

Damn her, of all the damnest people in this world.

Taking a bath for more than half of an hour, what the hell is that?

This composition does not necessarily reflect or manifest the literal dispositions of the author. Ang lahat ng ito ay pawang kathang-isip po lamang.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i need inspiration

math 28 exam tomorrow.

...of all the endless exams.

i need to study.

i need Leithold.

i've gotta devour Leithold's topics on Power Series, and Binomial Series, and all those bloody et cetera.

but the neurons on my brain won't give the command.

so i need inspiration.

inspiration to create the urge to study,

and to stay awake,

and to conquer another sleepless night.

dieting again - for blood

I’m into the custody of weight management these days.

But whoa, it’s not the usual slim dieting that’s in here this time! It’s weight gain dieting, dude.

I’m looking forward for donating blood for the Red Cross two weeks from now, and my target is 50 kilograms of mass.

Actually I’ve always wanted to finally make myself fit for a blood letting way back a couple of years when I discovered the humanitarian and health benefits of donating my blood. It’s just that my body mass won’t really cooperate by then.

So this time, knowing that my body mass is already close to the point, I’ll do my best to make headway.

Blood, blood. Splat, splat. Bwahaha!

A page header, finally

See the new header?

Hey, that's a header! Trust me...

Okay, I'm just too conscious about this new header. It's my first-ever major page element here, you know. I'm not sure; maybe it looks like some kind of junky rectangular visual stuff bombarded with overloading crappy hokum or like it’s a data that shouldn't take up any space in the Internet at all.

Anyway, here's a point...I've been blogging since last year, but why in the world have I decided to put up a header just so lately?

Well, first off, I wasn't actually certain of maintaining a blog in the fist place. I believe (until now) that it would just snatch up time on my fussy studying agenda. I'm pretty convinced that my brain isn't in a sufficient composure for UP psyche standard, so I really do extra studying as much as I could (but unfortunately, I can only sense negligible progress yet, sigh). But at least, the 'singko' boxes on my class cards were still clean... no bombs yet.

What was more was that the wifi signals at our dormitory building were really so hostile of my wireless LAN card since I moved into a new room location this semester. The server antenna is too far from my room assignment, but I've got a theory that it's just my LAN card and my laptop that were the losers here, since I can't see any connection problems with my room neighbors.

Fine. But why is the world so cruel?

So much of the melodramatic lines...

Until now, I'm still on the stage of exploring and experimenting and adventuring with this blogging business yet. I ain't got a structured concept of my master plan for this blog actually. I just thought to keep updating posts a while more and eventually formulate the thing after some time.

As for my new header, I thought of experimenting a draft of it one night while scanning my image files and reminiscing the yet unpainted memories of my life (roll eyes...o.o).

I found a picture of my legs from last December and one of my paintings from last semester break at a room in a boarding house near the university campus (the picture with a seated girl). The title of the painting is "October Solitude" because I was encaged in a subjugating solitude in that room for more than two weeks in October doing nothing but paint, read books, write my journals, sleep, eat twice a day, and talk to myself - totally deserted from the outside world.
(Roll eyes again...o.o)

For the design, I only used the PAINT.NET software since my computer memory and hard drive are literally so poor to afford the better Photoshops.

The words at the bottom part are, well, they're actually just some sort of adders, or fillers, I think. But I'm planning of doing many articles about Maharlika, PROUT, Neo-Humanism, and vegetarianism in my future postings. I think that they're really worthy topics to discuss, and I'd truly love to do such with this blog (I just wish that time and the Ethereal elements would at least conspire with me for this).

So much for the out-of-the-world terms, eh?

Okay, so perhaps I owe some explanation for those words at the header...

Well, I'm corroborating with "Maharlika Movement" for the nonce. Briefly, this movement embodies the principle of Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a socio-economic theory laid out by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (a great Indian philosopher, author, and founder of Ananda Marga and Tantrik Yoga practices).

Being an advocate for animal rights with "People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)", I drew up my leading from Neo-Humanism, a philosophical paradigm also set out by Sarkar as a vision for human progress based on universal values and ethical principles.

As much as my intuition could manage, I always keep my hands off from the dusts of dogmas and self-assertions in my 'search' for 'meaning' throughout my educational career. At the time being, these matters are the most sensible bodies of knowledge that I've settled down with and have planned to explore.

O yeah, I'm growing up!

And so, I now decide to put an end to the tale of my new header here, before my blabbing could lead me somewhere else far from the virtual realms.

(Hey, and I'm planning to write about aliens and 'super beings', too! Lol.)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My friends say that orange is my favorite color.

Really, huh?

And then I noticed the colors of my stuffs.

My water bottle is orange.

My backpack has orange on it.

My desk tray is orange.

My pen holder is orange.

My blog hearder's orange.

One of my sneakers is orange.

The cover of study desk is orange.

The skin of my cabinet, which is my painting, is orange.

Many of my artworks have significant areas of orange on them.

But are these enough to tell that orange is my favorite color?
Oh no, no, no.