Monday, February 16, 2009

let's try something new

a cubicle grudge

The surrounding air seems like a violent steam heating up my skin.

All of a sudden, the devilish high temperature seeped through the stiffening fibers of my muscles, and then cracked through the hard calcium beneath, and finally through the bone marrows inside.

My nerve impulses had already tensed up a second earlier, mounting the hammering on my stomach up to the spine, and to my brain, which rapped my stiffened jaw into an abrupt chattering.

"Bull shit", I hissed.

Counting in my head, almost a hundred and eighty seconds more had passed. But the inside of the cubicle isn't done yet.

In my thoughts, the furry reached to its climax.

My wildest and maddest imaginations swirled into my head.

I want to kick this cubicle door open, employing all the ravaging strength of my legs to bang it down. After that, I will slug the hateful creature inside, not giving her any second to rebuff and cease me.

Then I saw the blood oozing through her nose, slowly covering her face with a red mask. I heard the dripping of the shower above simultaneously spatting the marble floor with the trickles of blood from her anguished body.

The sweet sensation of my satisfaction little by little extinguished the fire burning inside my chest. For a while, I relished the taste of this gratification and drew on my face a thin smile.

I'm running out of time... I need to hurry; else I would be too late.

Softly, the door opened. The girl came out holding her bathroom things.

I composed my face a pout in front of her, stamped my way inside, and closed the door with a heavy clunk.

Damn her, of all the damnest people in this world.

Taking a bath for more than half of an hour, what the hell is that?

This composition does not necessarily reflect or manifest the literal dispositions of the author. Ang lahat ng ito ay pawang kathang-isip po lamang.