Sunday, November 16, 2008

Attention: Vegan on this blog.

I go vegan! Yes, I’m not kidding this time, really. At first, I thought I’m at peace already being a strict vegetarian, but certain circumstances eventually hovered me lately into this somewhat higher and far very stern platform level.

Okay, perhaps some of you may not have a clear idea of what does ‘vegan’ means, and why the heck am I blabbing about this stuff right now. So, here’s how I define it: veganism is a kind of lifestyle that omits eating foods from animal sources like meat, poultry, fish and any animate kind of seafood, egg, and milk from lactating animals. It also excludes consuming goods that have thrown the life of any animate being into a dreadful situation that kicked suffering into them. Examples of those goods are clothes made of fur, bags, shoes and belts made of animal skin, cosmetics that have substances from animal sources, and etc. This one has very the same grounds with simple vegetarianism, but observes more strict and higher philosophy than the latter. Commonly, people turn into vegan out of their huge compassion to animals, or because of religious beliefs or spiritual philosophies. Some of them were driven into this simply because of so much obsession with their physique and decided to resort to very strict dieting, which, I admit, is what I am into right now. Hihihihi.

And now, let’s talk about the reason why have I chosen to do a make over with my lifestyle lately. Here goes the list of what have doomed into me:

1.Last October, I checked my weight, and I was astounded by the huge amount of pounds I have gained from the preceding month of my vital signs check. As what I can remember, my weight was a whooping 52 kilograms that time. Geez, I always end up fainting recollecting that hateful moment. When the semester break came in and I rented a room at a boarding house just a few kilometer-distance from the university, I lived my two weeks of solitude inside the four cornered perimeter of my room doing nothing but to eat, read, paint, and sleep. After that break without burning any calorie from my system, I guess I gained more weight again. In retrospect, when school resumed for the 2nd semester, I received a couple of comments from my colleagues that I already looked different from way back with my, shall I say, obtrusive inflation.

2.My appetite was really wacky before. In a sense, it was like a spificated devouring and grinding machine that I cannot even put a hold of its neck. Very often, this always places me in a hopelessly deplorable condition with my financial holdings. I superbly go gaga over chocolates and anything creamy, always losing control with myself. This may seem an inconceivably built up story and out of this world, but this sure is not a tarraddidle of mine, I tell you.

3.I tried so hard disciplining myself with those uncontrollable worldly affixations, digging arduously inspirations from books and anything I’ve read, sometimes taking steering thoughts from my spiritual philosophy. These also work, but after sometime, I again end up being the blighted usual me.

4.Many of my clothes won’t hug me a comfy touch anymore. I look like a rice cake wrapped in a near-bulging banana leaf already – a thing that is such a horrendous crime! My waistline also extended a few inches from 25 to 26 point something. At that event, a couple of my jeans were piled up untainted in an obtuse corner of my locker, useless and crapped.

5.I joined PETA’s worldwide movement for the good benefit of the animals, and settled membership in their on line community in the Internet. There, they award points for any service that I’ve done for the animals to exchange for some PETA signature goods like shirts, bags, books, etc. For the task of going vegan, I could bag a square thousand points, and so, I went to think about it.

Time to shine! Last Thursday, I had my monthly vital signs check, and the result was pretty pleasing. The current reading revealed 49 kilos for my weight, equivalently 96 pounds. Here’s what made that a nice one – that’s actually my exact weight last September which was about two months ago! As what my monthly vitals signs trend shows ever since I entered college, I’ve been constantly adding extra pounds every month without misses, and what had just happened was really something fabulous of an improvement.

I started switching into a vegan diet just about the previous three weeks. Little by little, cutting out my cravings for my ever-favorite creamy delicatessens and other foods that contain any trace of milk products from animals. Of course, it is a very unwise thing to cut out milk because I need the nutrients of such for my health, especially that I was diagnosed before with scoliosis wringing up my backbones. Good thing, there’s this soy milk easily found in many stores that came to the rescue as a sub for the regular cow’s milk usually sold in the market. In fact, this soymilk is far more teeming with nutrients than the other because its source is in the highest lieu of the ecosystem’s food pyramid, and a bona fide non-fat.

With the sure better prospect of greener pasture with my lifestyle right now, I don’t think I would end up with a blue regret for the change. The steadfast calorie burn up and budget expenses decline I took in for the last three weeks just indulged me into delightful initial test drive. I wonder what the future zephyr of it may wind me up. Stay close; let’s just see.