Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reward: 10,000 centavos

Don't fail me on this...
It would cost my life...
So please, help me find this vampire.

Hooked, Addicted, and Crazy

I’ve been enslaved under the impregnable spell of reading last month. In particular, I was bewitched by Stephenie Meyer’s livid Twilight Series to an extent that I once woke up one morning bearing a state of mind that I am living in a realm beyond the mundane normality where other unnatural beings coexist with me. That had stirred my sanity afterward, realizing that my mind had been unconsciously lured by Meyer’s tale to wander with vampires and werewolves. Then I chided to myself: Are you insane? Wake up!

And so, my reflex fixed me to watch my imagination not to cross the demarcation line and put myself sane. But then I wanted more of that realm beyond, I thought to myself. It was like a narcotic that activates the radical room in my brain and glands on my system that pull me into ecstasy. I knew at once that I couldn’t produce that enough grip to behave well, so I eventually decided to let myself drown with the ecstasy of the plot.

As I swam with the flow, I saw myself giggled with Bella’s tickle pink moments with Edward, exploded to angst and irritation when Jacob acted his role as a second party in line, laughed when Charlie talks with his daughter about sex, cried when Edward broke up with Bella after her tragic birthday, tensed up with the confrontation with the ancient Volturi’s, guffawed when Alice performed her silly mannerisms using her predicting talent, surprised when Jacob imprinted with the half human, half vampire baby, Reneesme, freaked out when the mad Volturi’s contended with the Cullens, and finally delighted when the series proceeded to a happy ending.

The crooked smile...

and the kiss to die for!

As I receded from wandering the supernatural realm with Edward, Bella, Jacob and the party, it gave my heart a squeezed feel of nostalgia as if I really had been through the story myself. No wonder I would miss those moments I unconsciously shared with them, and I’m extremely longing for a sequel, as if there could possibly be any. I don’t know when I would finally break away from this silly nostalgia, but for the time being, I would cherish this moment of being not totally exiled from my fantasy yet.

Okay, taong gubat is a freak, no wonder.