Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nahihiya. Naaano.

Ano ba ang nahihiya? Naaano?
Pag hiya ba, naaano?

There's a hidden stuff in those lines. Can you guess it?
Would you believe if I would say that that something in there could change your life to such extent that you have never dreamed of? Yes, you should believe.

Ano ba ang nahihiya? Naaano?
Pag hiya ba, naaano?

Found it?
Drop a comment if you've caught the fish, okay?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's talk about coffee.

In my wee years as a kid, I decided to hate coffee and to never ever dare to let my taste buds make a contact with even a speck of that substance. I don’t know exactly how I formulated a silly whammy of that kind, but perhaps partly because I found its taste bitterly yucky, and my parent etched in my mind that coffee would intoxicate my brain to that of a poor fish’. That avow I made lasted solidly until I finished secondary school.

When I entered college in UP, there came a time when I’ve got no choice but to swallow that curse. That was sometime last March when, since the finals week was nearing, acad pressures were such a tornado, and I need to handle tons of to-do’s all at the same time. One of my subjects, that Art and Society GE, pressed me to memorize hundreds of painting slides and whooping outlines for our long exam. Because I need to rush studying, I’ve got no choice but to utilize all the energy left in my powerhouse, else, I would get sacked if I would dilly-dally. And so, since I got to be awake all night to study, I finally gave up my, shall we say, integrity over that black hateful substance which I’m so hostile of. Funny thing is - I don’t think I was drinking coffee that time; it actually tasted more of a milk, because I added a lot of creamer on it, since my stomach quetches so much with jugging that skanky liquid.

And now, let’s retire from that retrospection of my memorable first coffee experience; let’s take a peek of how do I do with it today. Here’s how simple what I'd say – I’m still into it, and it has entangled almost all of my nerves like a weary shabu! There were times when I had supped up to five cups of it in a single day just to keep my eyes wide open at school because I lacked sleep for quite a couple of nights. That’s so much caffeine, huh. But what should I do if not to resort to that? Pamper my idle body and loosen up my delinquency instead of utilizing all I can chip in to carry out my important responsibility as a student? I guess the latter should weigh more than of a big deal. What do you think?

Time check: 5:07 am. I haven’t got a sleep yet, but I’m nonetheless widely awake. Got any idea who the fugitive responsible for this? Yes, you are very correct! It’s that black bitterly hateful substance that which I never dismiss to pick in its tray every time I purchase my weekly groceries. I’m still not sure if I would find a regret with letting my system get enslaved into it, but in the mean time, I still need its evil hex. And so, I find no argument for an attempt to go exile from it.
Coffee cheers!

Why write?

I’ve just read the article that I’ve downloaded from the Internet sometime last month. Time was so much tensed in the past days, so I haven’t hooked a moment to check what that article talks about. And now, I’m done with it, and it actually says a lot. First of all, it made a plus in my inspiration to write and blot down the pieces of pile-ups that are bombarding weights of memory dumps to my mind. The article was right, our mind needs to be swept from time to time, and one easy way to do this is to blot it down. Right now, I can say that mine is also currently undergoing that cleaning, and it’s very much replenishing, I tell you.

Oh, and here’s another one that’s definitely I can assure of with writing: it relieves stress! When things get tough and you think you might get riled to exploding with all the terrible blows around, you can take them off from sticking into you by transforming them into a written format. There, you can explode out all those bombs inside you in a paper or on a screen without making so much crime. Just be careful not to misplace them in wrong hands, so you won’t reap up a bloody war with anybody who might be blasted by it.