Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why write?

I’ve just read the article that I’ve downloaded from the Internet sometime last month. Time was so much tensed in the past days, so I haven’t hooked a moment to check what that article talks about. And now, I’m done with it, and it actually says a lot. First of all, it made a plus in my inspiration to write and blot down the pieces of pile-ups that are bombarding weights of memory dumps to my mind. The article was right, our mind needs to be swept from time to time, and one easy way to do this is to blot it down. Right now, I can say that mine is also currently undergoing that cleaning, and it’s very much replenishing, I tell you.

Oh, and here’s another one that’s definitely I can assure of with writing: it relieves stress! When things get tough and you think you might get riled to exploding with all the terrible blows around, you can take them off from sticking into you by transforming them into a written format. There, you can explode out all those bombs inside you in a paper or on a screen without making so much crime. Just be careful not to misplace them in wrong hands, so you won’t reap up a bloody war with anybody who might be blasted by it.