Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's talk about coffee.

In my wee years as a kid, I decided to hate coffee and to never ever dare to let my taste buds make a contact with even a speck of that substance. I don’t know exactly how I formulated a silly whammy of that kind, but perhaps partly because I found its taste bitterly yucky, and my parent etched in my mind that coffee would intoxicate my brain to that of a poor fish’. That avow I made lasted solidly until I finished secondary school.

When I entered college in UP, there came a time when I’ve got no choice but to swallow that curse. That was sometime last March when, since the finals week was nearing, acad pressures were such a tornado, and I need to handle tons of to-do’s all at the same time. One of my subjects, that Art and Society GE, pressed me to memorize hundreds of painting slides and whooping outlines for our long exam. Because I need to rush studying, I’ve got no choice but to utilize all the energy left in my powerhouse, else, I would get sacked if I would dilly-dally. And so, since I got to be awake all night to study, I finally gave up my, shall we say, integrity over that black hateful substance which I’m so hostile of. Funny thing is - I don’t think I was drinking coffee that time; it actually tasted more of a milk, because I added a lot of creamer on it, since my stomach quetches so much with jugging that skanky liquid.

And now, let’s retire from that retrospection of my memorable first coffee experience; let’s take a peek of how do I do with it today. Here’s how simple what I'd say – I’m still into it, and it has entangled almost all of my nerves like a weary shabu! There were times when I had supped up to five cups of it in a single day just to keep my eyes wide open at school because I lacked sleep for quite a couple of nights. That’s so much caffeine, huh. But what should I do if not to resort to that? Pamper my idle body and loosen up my delinquency instead of utilizing all I can chip in to carry out my important responsibility as a student? I guess the latter should weigh more than of a big deal. What do you think?

Time check: 5:07 am. I haven’t got a sleep yet, but I’m nonetheless widely awake. Got any idea who the fugitive responsible for this? Yes, you are very correct! It’s that black bitterly hateful substance that which I never dismiss to pick in its tray every time I purchase my weekly groceries. I’m still not sure if I would find a regret with letting my system get enslaved into it, but in the mean time, I still need its evil hex. And so, I find no argument for an attempt to go exile from it.
Coffee cheers!