Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tadah! A book feature for my first postings, here! Title: Wise Child by Monica Furlong

Truth is, I really wanted to write a sound review of this book, but a part of my brain is screaming of not doing it. It is emphatically complaining of the ruggedness of the job awaiting. So, I then listened to its plead, although the greater part of me was willing to work it out, looking forward for the satisfaction in the end. But it was the retrospection of the school stuffs I had yet to finish that pushed me to suspend the planned review. So for an alternative, I’ll just present some slide show of the lines I had quoted from the story.

Here’s a brief sneak peek of the plot:
In a remote Scottish village, a girl called Wise Child is abandoned by her parents and taken in by Juniper, a sorceress. Under Juniper’s kind but stern tutelage, Wise Child thrives. She learns reading, herbal lore, and even the beginnings of Magic. Then Wise Child’s natural mother – the “black” witch Maeve – reappears, offering the girl a life of ease and luxury. Forced to choose between Maeve and Juniper, Wise Child comes to discover both her true loyalties and her growing supernatural powers. By this time, though, Maeve’s evil magic, a mysterious plague, and the fears of superstitious villagers combine to place Wise Child and Juniper in what may be an inescapable danger…

And the ending? The ending is actually unexpected, but I can’t say that it went out terrific based on my personal criterion. Somehow it left me a sense of non-satisfaction because the story was really a rattling game on the largest part. But with the starkness of the ending, it was that that made it disappointing. Nevertheless, it was an exciting book after all - genuinely fantastic for a fantasy tale. It was richly detailed; making the reader fell thoroughly into its realm, and filled with very unforgettable characters that anyone would definitely love.

Here’s a beautiful passage that may be worth noting somehow:
“Only the other night, on my flying trip, as I had walked up the great stone avenue, I had felt part of everything, part of animal and bird, tree and stone. If I was of part of everything, then I was also part of bridge and stream, of the sharp rocks beneath the water and the tumbling, rushing waters. Even if I fell into the waters, and even if I was swallowed up by them, I would still be a part of it all. In such a world, such a universe, nothing terrible could happen to me.
Suppose I ask myself, just suppose that I walked across that bridge as if I was part of it and part of the water, that I decided that whatever happened as I did so, it would be all right, what then?”
*Since I read this, I started employing its thought many times then. If I get frightened of something, or even when there’s just some silly palls, I could easily comfort myself by simply thinking of it. This is such a peachy aid, really.

Oh, and here’s a dulcet picture I like:
“My breakfast was laid out on the table, with a tiny pink winter flower in the middle of my plate. It was very consoling, as real as a kiss.”

*Sorry if this sounds "whatever". I just found it significantly tinging. =)

Here’s a vivid part that which I can somewhat tie in so much; this was the part when Wise child asked Cormac, the leper man, if how can he bear being alone and shut away from the village in his poor hut, suffering from the hateful disease:
“I have become a hermit from choice. To begin with, I hated it and wanted to die. Now I have come to prefer it – the space, the silence, being alone with the plants and the birds and the great sky. But I still need love – yours and Juniper’s.”

*Being away from my family and loved ones for years - studying, I can somewhat relate to the speaker's sad dispositions here. Oh, and I suddenly missed them. =(

Well that's it. A book review. Applause!
I want to thank my roommate for having the book, so that I was able to read it. But hush, she didn't know anything about me reading her book! I just make that out when she wasn't around. Hihi. Her books are really flowing, that's why they're deliciously tempting. Oops!=)
So, watch out for more book reviews coming up! There's still plenty out here...Lol!

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