Saturday, July 11, 2009

the tale of kulog at kidlat

I am hearing a galore of thunder roars and slashes of lightning striking the ether while writing for this post. Since my pathetic ignorance is chewing me up again, as ever, I come to wonder – what the heck are those thunders and lightning cooking up there?

Well, according to my bubuwit, lightning induces thunder (strictly not the other way around). Lightning is an electric current (obviously). It’s the effect of high current produced by colliding frozen raindrops within the storm clouds. When a lightning bolt strikes from the cloud to the ground, it opens up a hole in the air. Once the hole collapses back, a sound wave is created that we hear as thunder. Actually, thunder and lightning occur almost at the same time. But since light travels about five times faster than sound, we see lighting first before we hear the roar of thunder.

Hear that? Ahh…

Perhaps some of you also may also share my sentiments. I bet you’re also ignorant about these, eh? Don’t you worry, we’re team!