Monday, July 6, 2009

back to blogging business

It’s been a long while I’ve been out blogging. With that long interval of time, a lot had happened of course, and a myriad of interesting thoughts ought to be blotted had passed by. It’s just that my head had somewhat taken a lazy-break to initiate pennings for posts. But now, I’m back. Whatever with the blank postings for the past few months, people, what we have right now is worth an exclamation mark –, I’m back!

To highlight this comeback (as if a number out there has really been nosing after this blog), I changed this blog’s title into “bits and pieces of this and that”. This is one crucial procedure I thought would possibly emphasize and give direction to what this blog is supposed to be swimming at. Oftentimes before, I confuse myself with what particular color of topics I should be posting. Since I do appreciate change if it’s for the better, here it goes right now. And I say it’s developmental change cooking in here this time.

So, what now?

Anyway, the pathetic blogger in here thinks that perhaps you may like reading some updates with her on-goings for the time being. If you’ve still got an ember of interest, you can read on…

She’s already on the third year of her undergraduate degree program, just stepped into legal adulthood last summer, and currently figuring out how to draw her life after her studies. In vain, she’s still waiting for her vampire to give her a venomous bite, transform her into one, and live with him through eternity (here goes her ‘Twilight’ fantasy again). Well, that’s all.

It just feels good sensing the spark of blotting the queue of objects inside my brain again…so invigorating.