Tuesday, August 4, 2009

et ceteras

Etc #1

I’m currently working on a research paper these days. And my topic? You can check out that garbage below…

Or just skip it since it’s not that interesting anyway. Hehehe.

Etc #2

I have two Bloggers Unite Events to watch out this August. Here they go…

International holiday for artists of all kinds.

It started out as a simple idea for people the world over to set aside a day for appreciating artists and for enjoying the kind of art they like. And it has now turned into a debate, not dissimilar to the conflicted international views about whether the arts deserve funding and where the arts fit into a technologically advancing culture.


Mobilize filipino bloggers /interested parties join/ come out with blogs crystallizing a progressive election result for the Philippines

On August 31, bloggers will unite and come up with blogs , text , images , videos all relating to a progressive result of the coming May 10, 2010 national and local election in the Philippines.

But a comment from the admin in here had seized me for a little while.

rod4dphil has posted a new message to your shoutbox:
"Hello taong gubat , i hope you’re not on the jungle as what your name says. But you’re a conscious taong gubat ready to explode our mission to our native pinoys. Thanks for joining…"

O yeah, I’m starting to believe that I’m getting pretty much conscious about society issues these days, but what had suddenly got me more conscious was my pseudonym. Why in the world have I chosen taong gubat anyway?

Actually, I can’t think of anything why. Gotta think about it later, and blog it soon. Watch out.

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watashiwa(= said...

on 'extra terrestrial origin of earth':
i knew some existing literatures with that subject. Esp.those of the famous archaeologist zecharia sitchin's theories if ur aware.